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Focus on client needs, quality of performance, reaching your goals, and trustful relationships are at the core of our project management... Read more

Dokumeds is a full-service CRO that provides the complete range of clinical development services. We take a highly nuanced approach that... Read more

Our team of professionals knows the local legislative requirements. Dokumeds provides practice-based regulatory consulting expertise,... Read more

Safety comes first - Dokumeds support clinical trial sponsors with safety reporting process elements within their studies, as well as... Read more

Dokumeds are Feasibility Specialists, and sponsors contact us for specialist regional feasibilities, and oversight of global feasibility... Read more

We have an extensive background in a wide range of therapeutic areas. 40% of our clinical staff are MDs, with experts in Ophthalmology,... Read more

Dokumeds has an established and cost effective local logistics chain for clinical trial supplies and laboratory samples.

Dokumeds Latvia
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Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

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Phone: +371 67 553 065

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