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Dokumeds is European focused CRO, with Global Capabilities. We have registered offices throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine, and a direct presence in many other countries. We work with trusted partners around the world, with robust oversight and management procedures – we provide seamless global management of the sponsors clinical trial

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Trusted Partner

We include amongst our sponsors many of the top 30 Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, European, Japanese and American Biotech companies, and more. We are contracted directly by sponsors, and are a preferred provider for a number of our large and small sponsors. Our repeat business rate stands consistently above 85%. We value and respect our clients’ business and are committed to delivering results by meeting deadlines, controlling budgets, and providing professional project management.

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Dokumeds was established in 1995, and immediately operated as an international CRO, starting in the Baltic States, and Scandinavia. We expanded coverage, opened new offices, and developed trusted partnerships gradually over the years. As we enter our 24th year of business, we look forward to serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for many more years to come.

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Knowledgeable, Therapeutic Focus

We strive to select and retain experienced and dedicated staff, and are able to assign expert project teams to meet the unique needs of each client and project. 40% of our clinical operations team are MDs, and therapeutic training is provided prior to every new study. Our dedicated training manager ensuring that staff receive ongoing training and development.

Our Mission

Dokumeds mission is to be a trusted partner that provides clinical research and product life-cycle management capabilities for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries worldwide. We strive to employ an analytical and innovative approach to project management, which results in the on-going and continuous improvement of our systems and processes.  Each team-member at Dokumeds has a personal responsibility to work towards this goal.

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Our Values

We value open, respectful and collaborative partnerships: Dokumeds is known for having a positive, can-do attitude towards our work. We maintain an open and active line of communication with our clients while setting up projects, and reporting on their progress. We also take appropriate measures to mitigate potential risks that can impact study timelines and budgets. Dokumeds’ management is personally involved in every project, ensuring that our clients have a positive experience, and receive exceptional service, while working with us.

We meet deadlines, keep to budget and maintain quality standards: The combination of our know-how and dedication to each and every project allow us to precisely estimate, control, and execute against agreed deadlines and budgets. Dokumeds’ experienced team ensures a proactive approach in risk-management, monitoring quality through our processes.

We are dedicated and fulfilled in our jobs at Dokumeds: Through consideration of individual strengths and interests, and placing a strong emphasis on internal development, Dokumeds staff remain committed to their jobs and their sponsors. As a result, we have a low turnover rate or under 7%, and staff with a depth and breadth of backgrounds. We are able to assign expert project teams and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client and project.


Regularly, we receive thanks for work done, and appreciation for the additional efforts made by our team. We strive to make our work make a difference to our sponsor counterparts. A small sample of what our customers say about us:

  • Jul 2017

    "It truly is wonderful to work with such professional and dedicated team members – this study has been challenging from the beginning and we would not be at this stage if it weren’t for CRAs like yourself."
  • Aug 2017

    "We appreciate all of the hard work you have done to ensure success ...! Your expertise was incredibly valuable."
  • Aug 2017

    "The whole team has done an amazing job with these very complex submissions…..! I thank you all very much indeed for getting us to this point."
  • "[We have] a full overview of study conduct, all documents are provided in time and in a good quality. … Thank you very much for all your efforts and support!"
  • Jan 2018

    "Thank you very much for all your efforts and contribution that we reached the recruitment goal and for your very good interaction with the sites! WELL DONE!"
  • Apr 2015

    "Congratulations for well-done work: all [13] sites initiated within 24 days…"
  • Aug 2015

    "We highly appreciate your excellent cooperation resulting in this smooth preparation phase and to-the-point submission."
  • Aug 2015

    "Thank you for the hard job done to prepare our trial for submission within tight timelines and successfully achieved result."
  • Aug 2015

    "Thank you so much for the excellent [Initiation Visit]; I'm impressed by your commitment and support for the site."
  • Dec 2016

    "It was nice to hear about very good cooperation with CRAs, mentioned by many Investigators."
  • Feb 2017

    "Thank you for your fantastic support, persistence and solution oriented work"