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Clinical Trials Forum 2018 in Russia.

In 21-22 June 2018 Clinical Trials Forum 2018 took place in Moscow (Skolkovo) in Russian Federation. Industry professionals from leading companies participated in this forum, including Dokumeds.

CT forum 2018 was a practical conference. It unites professionals in the field of clinical research who shared their practical cases, ideas, useful information about new developments, implementations and services. The main topic of conference was - what changes await us in the field of clinical research, regulatory requirements, as well as major trends and novelties: new technologies, new designs of clinical research.

Dokumeds joined the discussions about:

  • Regulation of clinical trials in the EAEU: recent changes, features and practice of the preparation of the dossier, time periods for issuing permits for clinical trials, the mutual acceptance of research results conducted in countries that aren't members of the EAEU.

  • Will the permit procedure of conducting of clinical trials in the EAEU be in line with national procedures?

  • Will the process for receiving scientific consultancy from the agency be adjusted and improved for applicants?

  • Replacement of research in the EAEU by inspections of clinical centers. When will the inspectorate and how it will be conducted?

Dokumeds takes pride in being local experts in the Clinical Trials arena in Russia.  Contact us for more information about how we can help you with clinical trials and logistics in Russia using the form below!

Moscow School of Management
Photo: CTPF-2018

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