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Dokumeds celebrates Latvia`s centenary!

 On 18 November 2018 we will celebrate Latvia’s centenary. We will greet the day with honour and dignity, proud of our country, and the schedule of celebratory events and festivities happening throughout 2017 to 2021. The official celebrations started on May 4, 2017 with the Embrace Latvia initiative, when one hundred oaks were planted along Latvia’s outer border, symbolically laying the foundation of strength for the next 100 years.  

A diverse cultural, educational, diplomatic and multi-disciplinary events programme is taking  place at home and abroad throughout the 5 years. Those who calls Latvia home, and everyone who feels a sense of belonging to this country is invited to participate, regardless of place of residence, age, mother tongue, occupation, or education. “I AM LATVIA” is the central message of the centenary celebrations.  Dokumeds is proud to be founded in Latvia almost a quarter of a century ago. We will explore, create and celebrate together – for the prosperity of Latvia and Dokumeds!