DOKUMEDS expands operations further with new project in 10 Western European countries.

Dokumeds has initiated an observational study and with it further expands its operational footprint throughout Europe. The study is being conducted in UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Dokumeds CEO, Dr. Indra Aboltina said: “Dokumeds extending its operations to Western Europe has been achieved by targeted investments in the processes and structure ensuring flexibility in project resourcing”.

With the expansion, Dokumeds now has a larger footprint in the clinical trial landscape in Europe. With offices in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and two in Russia, Dokumeds has the operational capacity to manage various clinical stage projects throughout Europe.

Maris Veldre, Director of Clinical Operations said: “It is a challenge to our company’s management, ensuring effective project start-up in new countries with specific regulatory environment”.

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