Dokumeds - the highest rated Warehouse in Russia.

The Association of Clinical Trial Organizations (ACTO) in Russia announced the results of their annual survey, and Dokumeds is proud to be judged by our sponsors as the highest rated warehouse in Russia!

ACTO has performed a semi-annual survey since 2009. Surveys are focused on different clinical logistics areas, based on the interests of ACTO members such as broker service, warehouse service or transportation/courier service.

The survey performed in Apr-May 2018 was particularly focused on the assessment of Warehouse service for clinical trials in Russia.

Dokumeds has been participating in such surveys since 2014, when we became a member of ACTO,  as a client judging others services.  This is the first time  Dokumeds Warehouse was judged for its services.

The assessment was done in 4 categories:

  1. Compliance with contract conditions;

  2. Communication efficiency;

  3. How client-oriented is company;

  4. Performance in force majeure situations.

In each category the possible rating figures were from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

Dokumeds Warehouse service was evaluated with max rate in all 4 categories among 13 companies.

The survey results of Warehouse service are published in ACTO webpage and available in Russian version:


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