Clinical trial feasibility is a core initial step in any clinical study.  It allows sponsors and CROs the opportunity to assess environmental and regulatory issues, patient resources as well as site readiness to ensure your project is Initiated and completed efficiently with minimal risks.

At Dokumeds we have a specialized feasibility team that is responsible for seeking out the optimal sites and investigators with the objective of overall project completion in terms of timelines, targets and cost. The feasibility process is started as soon as a client approaches Dokumeds with a proposal for a clinical trial.  We evaluate the enrollment and treatment phase of a study and bridge the gap between clinical trial protocols, study design, inclusion exclusion criteria and health care environment, patient resources, and site organization.

Clinical trial feasibilities allow sponsors to identify potential challenges before-hand and help plan accordingly.  Our feasibility team can help with identifying specific countries, sites and even investigators to develop a strategy to meet enrollment targets and complete the project on time and on budget.

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