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Dokumeds Clinical Operations Team

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Indra Aboltina
Indra Aboltina Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board

Indra Aboltina, MD, PhD, has more than 20 years of medical experience in various fields (internal diseases / nephrology / preventive medicine), as well as scientific and academic experience gained at Riga Medical Institute and Medical Academy of Latvia.

Indra co-founded Dokumeds in 1995, and worked as CRA, Medical Monitor and Project Manager in the early days. Indra was head of the Clinical Operations department for many years, and became Chief Executive Officer in 2008. In addition to being CEO of the company, Indra is also responsible for business development and outsourcing on a corporate level.

Jana Peterson
Jana Peterson Compliance Officer

Jana Peterson, MD, worked as Medical Advisor and Head of the Medical Services Bureau at the Estonian Health Insurance Fund before joining Dokumeds in 2001. Jana has 15 years of experience in clinical research, as well as 10 years of academic experience. At Dokumeds she rose from the position of CRA to Project Manager and specialized to become Quality Manager. Jana led the Clinical Operations group from 2012-2015, before returning to the Quality and Compliance group and taking responsibility for the clinical quality systems.

Janis Skards
Janis Skards Chief Medical Officer, Member of the Board

Janis Skards, MD, PhD, has more than 20 years of clinical experience (internal diseases / cardiology / rheumatology), as well as scientific and academic experience gained at Riga Medical Institute, and the Medical Academy of Latvia. Janis has been involved in clinical research since 1996. He is trained in clinical pharmacology, and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2001.

Janis joined Dokumeds in 2006. Currently, he is responsible for medical, regulatory and pharmacovigilance activities on a corporate level, as well as the strategic business planning.

Maris Veldre
Maris Veldre Director Clinical Operations

Maris Veldre has almost 20 years experience in Clinical Research. Maris’ experience spans both CRO and Pharma/Biotech sponsor companies. Having started his Clinical Research career in 1999, he has developed within the industry, including more than 10 years in Global Clinical Project Management in Latvia, USA, Germany and Austria. Prior to joining Dokumeds in 2015, Maris held a Strategic Global Clinical Sourcing and Procurement Role for a global Biotech. Maris’ focus is on quality of delivery and relationship with the sponsor, through high quality management of Clinical Projects.

Our People

We strive to select and retain experienced and dedicated staff, and are able to assign expert project teams to meet the unique needs of each client and project.  Through consideration of individual strengths and interests, and placing a strong emphasis on internal development and training, Dokumeds staff remain committed to their jobs and their sponsors.

  • Over 40% of Clinical Operations staff have an MD, and another 50% have PhD, Pharmacy or Life Science education
  • Turnover Rate average 7% from 2014 to 2017. (industry average ~15%)
  • Average Employee Growth 2006 to 2017 - 17%
  • Average Industry Experience: PMs 11.5 years, CRAs, >10 years