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If you contact Dokumeds, we will protect your information

Dokumeds takes privacy seriously

By contacting Dokumeds via, you consent to the following:

Dokumeds may retain my contact information or other personal data I provide to Dokumeds, only for the purposes it was provided. This information may be put in a database or stored electronically or in paper version and be accessible by Dokumeds employees, business partners or other affiliates who are working with Dokumeds in connection with the reason for providing the information only. Some of these individuals or companies may be located outside the European Union, where data privacy laws may not be considered by the European Union to provide adequate level of protection. However, Dokumeds will seek to ensure that my data is adequately protected through contractual and other methods.

Dokumeds does not share my personal data with other third parties for their own separate use, without my express consent.

Hereby I agree that by contacting Dokumeds through the website, I accept the above mentioned conditions I have been informed that I have right to access to the content of my data and to correct or withdraw it. I voluntarily submit the data that is necessary for the purpose/s it was provided.