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Holistic Project Management Approach

Project Management goes beyond clinical trial operations and expertise. Managing a project well involves responsiveness, pro-activity, focus, and trust. Our clients are served by professional project managers who apply proven clinical project management and risk management principles to effectively achieve project milestones, while optimizing resources and communication pathways.

Dokumeds's project managers have years of experience that you can rely on to adapt our service to meet each sponsor’s unique requirements. Project managers manage all activities and reporting across regions and vendors, as a single point of contact for the sponsor. We provide seamless global management of your clinical trial.

In addition, Project Managers are supported by a team of specialists, who support the project manager to provide the highest quality in different sub- specialities of managing a clinical trial. This allows the Project Manager to focus on oversight, quality, and meeting study recruitment and milestone targets.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Dedicated vendor management specialists oversee the selection, qualification, and quality of delivery of Dokumeds vendors, for every project. Being able to extend our services with quality vendors that deliver according to Dokumeds standards is a core part of Dokumeds delivery strategy.

Contracts Legal Finance

Contracts, Legal, and Finance

Project Managers have the support of contract and legal specialists, to ensure the interests of the sponsor are protected, and our activities comply with all applicable regulations and guidelines. Budgets are quickly and accurately prepared through collaboration of the specialists and the Project Manager, to ensure the most accurate budget tailored to the specifics of the study.



Our training specialists are fully responsible for ensuring staff training on Dokumeds procedures. The training manager also supports the project manager with high quality development of other training activities, such as study specific training, CRA and Investigator meetings

Logistics Translations

Logistics, Translations, and more

Project Managers are supported by specialists in a wide range of activities, to ensure that they are conducted in the most up to date and professional way. The Project Manager is free to focus on delivery, oversight, risk and issue management.