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Team up with Dokumeds to successfully outsource your pharmacovigilance requirements

Pharmacovigilance has long been integral to the pharmaceutical industry, but important changes have taken place in the last decade. Safety documentation and drug approval reviews have become more complex, while public awareness due to warnings about adverse drug reactions have increased. This has made drug safety an even greater priority to consumers and regulators. Safety concerns have led to worldwide requirements for significantly more detailed product information, as well as a demand for greater transparency regarding clinical and safety data.

The resulting need for vigorous compliance systems and experienced industry professionals has increased the cost of maintaining the infrastructure for pharmacovigilance. Pharmaceutical companies today have to restructure the existing systems and find more cost-effective and strategically focused approach to stay competitive.

Dokumeds offers proven solutions and quality, with services designed to ensure patient safety at every stage of the drug life cycle. Whether you require a complete pharmacovigilance solution or a separate functional service to complement your existing infrastructure, you can rely on Dokumeds’ expertise. Our resources, knowledge, and experience allows to offer cost-effective and reliable pharmacovigilance services, from early clinical development to marketed product support.

The Dokumeds pharmacovigilance team is a group of skilled medical professionals led by Kerstin Fleischer, an expert based in Germany with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The Dokumeds team is always ready to manage the challenges of pre- and post-authorization products. For more information about our Pharmacovigilance services, please write to

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