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Wellbeing at work - bring your dogs to work day!

Dokumeds is a dog friendly workplace!  We love when we have special guests in the office, and everyone from the CEO to Logistics Manager, to Clin Ops employees all bring in their dogs now and then.  

In recent years, more and more offices have become pet friendly. But pet friendly workplaces are much more than just a trend. In fact, offices that allow their employees to bring their pets to work are continuing to become increasingly popular for good reason.

We all know that dogs have a positive impact on our personal lives and there is no reason why they cannot have a beneficial influence on our working lives too.

Wagging tails around the office have been shown to increase happiness levels, helping workers to feel more content at work. Studies have shown that pets can have surprising positive impacts on overall health, from helping to reduce stress to improving blood pressure. Dogs are great conversation starters and can encourage healthy, productive relationships, collaboration and socialization between employees.

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures of our Dokumeds Doggies!


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